Thursday, April 3, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes?

An interesting observation from one of my students. It's great teaching students who understand critical thinking.
"I used to work in a pharmacy, I now work part-time in a restaurant, and I did work at a soup kitchen. This project has asked me to detail what I have learned in the course of this service. I learned that people everywhere are nasty to people who serve them food, yet ironically are very friendly to the people who give them their medicine. Perhaps this is evident of society's growing dependency on drugs. Or maybe it shows that rich or poor, some people will still try to take advantage of those whom they have power over. Maybe it is reminiscent of a cultural perception in America that people in food service deserve to be treated badly. My last theory is that in the presence of food-a most basic need, even above medicine, people revert back to their feral or instinctual brains and this causes a survival mentality. This survivalist attitude causes a person to forget humanity and focus completely on meeting the basic need. For this reason they will be rude. My theories may seem pessimistic, I assure the reader they are not. Many people in both food venues displayed basic human kindness. However, the similarity as a whole between the two interested me from a purely observational, psychological, and introspective manner and so the pessimistic view won in terms of what I gained from the experience."
Not bad for a senior in high school.
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theborawskis said...

It is true that many people tend to be rude to people in the food industry as I well know. On the whole they are pretty nice but I notice that the people who work the counter at my MickeyD's complain alot about the rude treatment they get especially when it comes to people who just cannot put down their cell phones when you try to wait on them. Love, Me

emmy said...

I would love to see the religion teacher's reaction to this. Hope you are having a good break Mr. J!