Monday, August 18, 2008

Yeah, I Know

Okay, so shoot me. I know it has been awhile, BUT I'VE BEEN BUSY! Summer is officially over; I start back to school tomorrow...I just can't "wait" to see the smiling faces beginning at 7:45AM. Only 35 school weeks until summer vacation. Only 180 school days, but who's counting. All in all, it was a good summer: I spent three+ weeks in Texas spoiling my grandchildren and hanging out with my daughters and their husbands (too many beers and too much rich food), painted two houses so I can continue to do the above and feed my passion for books. I spent a week in Washington, DC at a NEH workshop on the history of the African-American experience in the Capital city (fascinating), met some great people from across the country and drank too many beers and ate too much rich food (do you notice some constants here?) I fell in love with my new car (a PT Cruiser) and just about wore out Kid Rock's CD Rock and Roll Jesus especially " All Summer Long". Check it out on youtube. It is the new anthem of summer. I wish I could promise I will write everyday, but...

That's it for now.
Talk to you later.